Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Support-Helpandmanuals platform offer?

The main service offered by Support-Helpandmanuals is the cancellation of your subscription with our partners. To do so, simply go to the Cancellation page of our Support-Helpandmanuals platform and follow the instructions.
The termination of your subscription is 100% free of charge on Support-Helpandmanuals and is completely secure. Cancellation of your subscription will be automatic once you have indicated the email address you used when subscribing to one of the Support-Helpandmanuals partners. If you have any problems with the termination of your subscription, you can contact the Support-Helpandmanuals team.

Can you tell me how long does it take to contact a Support-Helpandmanuals operator?

Nowadays, we have a relatively low waiting time on the phone. Indeed, for any contact by e-mail, you can receive a detailed answer within less than 48 hours. That said, this 48 hour delay represents a margin of manoeuvre for our operators as it is very often less than 48 hours.

Moreover, we strive to reduce our response time to always satisfy our partners' customers.

Does Support-Helpandmanuals offer a secure service for cancelling my subscription?

Our Support-Helpandmanuals platform currently has all the SSL certificates allowing you to browse and cancel your subscription in complete security.

Why do I have a direct debit labelled Support-Helpandmanuals or on my bank statement?

If you have seen a direct debit labelled Support-Helpandmanuals on your bank statement, it is certainly due to a subscription that you have made on one of our partner sites. If you do not understand why this operation in the name of Support-Helpandmanuals or appears on your bank statement, please contact the expert members of the Support-Helpandmanuals platform.